I’m Teresa Wentzler, and this is my art spot on the web. Other than an associate degree in advertising art (acquired before the internet!?), I’m largely self-taught, having done art in one form or another from a young age.

Of all the different media I’ve used, the versatility of pen and ink appeals most. Elements of realism and the more decorative aspects unique to line work can be convincingly combined in this medium. The tension inherent in the use of line only to depict the range of light to dark values challenges the viewer to observe a subject through a different lens. And perhaps decide that maybe…just maybe…color isn’t always necessary?

While much of my present work centers on natural subjects, I also enjoy illustration and watercolor tinting. My art has evolved through the years, and will, I hope, continue to do so as I explore the world around me through this intriguing medium.

While this site is fairly static and will be updated only occasionally, my art blog is more active: it's where you can catch up with new artwork in process, inspirational musings, and various other items of interest from the world of art.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. You can use the form on this page or email me directly.

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